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But this time, your mouse will do the job. Run your PC at the top level : with Game Fire, you will be able to get the maximum of your PC's hardware and software. Game Fire is the most complete tool available on the market to test your PC. It will run a series of games and benchmarks and compare them to the results you would obtain with your hardware in ideal conditions. It will also make recommendations based on a series of parameters and allow you to control it to your needs : you can specify which hardware to test, if and how to apply a CPU optimization or if you want to use an optimization softwares. To test your PC Game Fire is the only software you need : to use it, you need only to launch it. When it's done, Game Fire will launch your first test. The tests will vary depending on the combination of hardware and software that will be used. You will see an overview of what's currently loaded on your PC, the overall result of the tests and how to access the results. You will be able to display the details of a particular test or save them and get the instructions to implement them in your PC. A detailed description will be displayed on what's the reason for the result you obtain, an even better view of the test will be given. All these features, all the while being simple to use, make Game Fire a must-have tool for any gamer. The PC game booster has been designed to be compatible with any PC, with any operating system, be it Windows, MacOS or Linux and any PC hardware manufacturer. It will work with all the usual graphic cards and it will offer an optimized version of the drivers that you will use. This is a trial version of the software. It will allow you to test the functionality of the software with a small amount of data. It will however be necessary to download the complete version of the software to be able to use the full functionality of the software. See larger Screenshots below.. Version 5.17 - 30-Sep-2009 Improved compatibility with more graphic cards and improved performance for some ones Version 5.17 - 22-Aug-2009 Fixed memory leaks found in some configurations Version 5.17 - 30-Jun-2009 Adapted to the latest Windows operating system Version 5.16 - 23-Jul-2008 Fixed a bug when the resolution was too high and the mouse cursor




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